Un buen clima laboral facilita el desarrollo de nuestro trabajo

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Hi all. I am translating from Spanish to English. I not 100% satisfied with the double use of "work" in this translation. Thoughts? Spanish to English. I have included the original sentence in Spanish for context and my attempt at a translation in English. Thank!

Participa en la Encuesta de Clima Organizacional XXX 2019
En XXX tenemos la convicción de que un buen clima laboral facilita el desarrollo de nuestro trabajo y contribuye a tener equipos más motivados, lo que es fundamental para el logro de los desafíos que nos hemos planteado. Por esto, te invitamos a participar activamente de este proceso que nos permite conocer tu percepción acerca de los principales temas que componen tu ambiente laboral.

Take the 2019 XXX Organizational Climate Survey
At XXX, we believe that a good work environment facilitates the development of our work and helps build more motivated teams. A good work environment is also fundamental to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Therefore, we invite you to actively participate in this process by letting us know your thoughts on key topics related to your workplace environment.
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    I agree with the above replies, but I don't think "development" is the best translation of "desarrollo" here. "The development of our work" sounds a bit unnatural to me. I would be more liberal: At XXX, it is our firm belief that a good working environment helps our work proceed more smoothly and contributes...
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