un conjunto de textos traducido

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  1. barbass Member

    That was my try:

    a set of the translated texts

    but I don't know if the word set is correct
  2. kayokid

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    Hello. "Set" is a possibility. It kind of depends on what the "set" looks like and its environment.

    Consider the following scene:
    We are at school in an advanced language class. Our class and another one has the assignment of translating 100 texts. So far, we have finished 20 and the other class has finished 35. Our teacher says: "Here is our set of translated texts. All of these have to do with sports. As you can see, the other class is way ahead of us -- and their texts have to do with(or: and their set has to do with) business contracts. We have until next week to finish all of these texts. We have to move faster!"

    In this context "group" or "grouping" could also be used, in my opinion.
  3. barbass Member

    thank you so much kayokid

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