un Consorzio per il funzionamento


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This is about the history of the Academy of Ravenna. I'm not sure how to translate "funzionamento" in this sentence or whether I have "consorzio" right.

Original phrase:
Nel 1936 il Comune e la Provincia di Ravenna, creano un Consorzio per il funzionamento dell'Accademia e della Galleria dell'Accademia...

My try:
In 1936 the Municipality of the Province of Ravenna created a consortium to run both the Academy and the Gallery of the Academy...
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    Consorzio is something like partnership here, and funzionamento means management, running the Academy as you correctly guessed (although I'd have used another word in Italian instead of funzionamento) - I'll leave better suggestions on this one to the native users. :)
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