1. CharliReeves New Member

    Hi there,
    Im doing a translation of a french article and am unsure as to the correct english translation as either news item or news piece or news bulletin.
    This is the phrase in its context. "Il s’agit de tourner en dérision la manière dont nos confrères se repaissent du malheur des victimes d’un fait divers géant. Et rien que ça: un fait divers".
    i have so far translated it as "It is ridiculing the way in which our fellow journalists revel in the tragedy of the victims of this gigantic news piece. And merely that: a short news item"
    Im not sure if my translation has the same tone and force as the french version so any suggestions on improvements for this translation would be much appreciated
    Thank you!!
  2. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    Hello, Charli, and welcome to the forum. There's already a number of threads concerning "fait divers" on this forum. Type in "fait divers" in the thread title search at the top of the page and you'll find them. Hopefully, they'll enlighten you.

    Good luck, the Duck.
  3. Yllanos

    Yllanos Senior Member

    maybe your question is about "rien que ça"?
  4. CharliReeves New Member

    Hi Yllanos yes it was about "rien que ca" as im not sure of the best way to translate its meaning exactly? Ive put "and merely that: a short news item" since fait divers usefully refers to a bulletin which is insignificand and swiftly forgotten. What do you think?

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