Un genre de famille Ingals mais en moins américain


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Another song lyric I'm afraid, but I have done the whole of the rest of the song myself!

<<Un genre de famille Ingals mais en moins américain, et en beaucoup plus bien!>>

The context is a man describing his ideal life, and it comes after other idealistic things he dreams about.

Thanks in advance :)

It would seem that Ingals is a French surname - but is the above saying a set-phrase?
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    "A kind of Ingals family, but less American-like, and very much better." ??
    Ingals family is from "The little house on the prairie" tv show


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    I just don't have enough TV popular knowledge then! Or at least have never watched that program! Thanks, I should be able to take it from there...


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    You're wondering about Aldebert's song Carpe diem ?
    In that song he remembers when he was in Junior high (in french: "college", very confusing), and the life he thought he would have back then, married to a girl from his class he liked.
    well I guess he's trying to speak as a teen, hence the deliberate mistake "beaucoup plus bien"... and you already have your answer for the ingals family !
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