un gran/grande parque

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  1. jessica2690 Member

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    'un gran parque' o 'un grande parque' por qué?

    gracias :)
  2. :)gorgeous_ New Member

    hola jessica 2690:
    lo correcto es "un gran parque",
    pero también es correcto decir "un parque grande"
    "Gran" siempre se usa antes del sustantivo y "grande" siempre va detrás del sustantivo
    espero que te ayude.
    un saludo
  3. jessica2690 Member

    England, English
    gracias! x
  4. prince184 Senior Member

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    Gran stands for Great and Grande stands for Big and usuall follows the noun it modifies. But demonstrative adjectives can be used before nouns in two cases.
    If the adjective describes the inherent property of noun. and sometimes
    To put addtional emphasis.
    La oscura noche. (the night is always dark)
    La blanca nieve. ( the snow is inherently white)
    Un grande parque. Meaning that a park that is particulary Big. Here emphasis is put on the bigness of park, so it is used in front of the noun Park.
    Likewise we do in English
    One very fine day. and
    One day so fine.
    Clearly so fine expresses a greater digree of emphasis like grande used in front of noun.
  5. I would suggest que un gran parque means a great (wonderful) park y un parque grande is merely a big one.
  6. Dominic Lucey Senior Member

    I was wondering purely out of interest if the program gran hermano is deliberately used that way instead of hermano grande, because they're not talking about a big brother their more talking about a supposed great brother or a brother thats very important.

    Am I right in thinking that?

    Dominic Lucey
  7. Leiannar New Member

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    In spanish, you will never say un grande parque, you will say un parque grande. You can say all the others though. I'm sorry I can't tell you the gramatical reasons for it, I was never good in grammar (I'm currently working on it) and I don't want to create any misundertanding, but I have lived half my live in Venezuela, and the other half in Spain, and you will never hear un grande parque in either country, maybe América Central countries are different, but I'm betting not, to my ears it sounds totally wrong.

    Ps: Sorry for my poor english, please feel free to correct any mistake in my writing, I'm here for that.
  8. Adelaida Péndelton

    Adelaida Péndelton Senior Member

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    No, they use Gran Hermano because Hermano grande is not idiomatic. Gran and grande have not different meanings, both can be used to mean big and great (Is true that gran is more used to mean great, but both can be used that way).
  9. Dominic Lucey Senior Member

    Thanks for clarifying that I didn't realise that hermano grande would be wrong idiomatically but thankyou for correcting me, very interesting!
  10. My big brother, (meaning my older brother) would be mi hermano mayor. ¿verdad? Alberto
  11. Adelaida Péndelton

    Adelaida Péndelton Senior Member

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