un hommage indigné


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"Des centaines de personnes pour un hommage ému et indigné..."
This was taken from the news. I am trying to understand the meaning of indigné here. I only know of its negative meaning, 'disgraceful', thus feel strange that it is put together with "un hommagé". Thank you for your help.
  • c1wang

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    I guess that would be "an emotional and indignant homage/tribute".
    How do natives like that?
    Exactly, indignant meaning unworthy of, but... it is a homage. It was in yesterday's france 2 journal 20h "Les obsèques de Marie-Christine Hodeau, enlevée et tuée par un récidiviste ont été célébrées dans l'Essonne."
    Perhaps it is out of realm of the discussion of the French grammar but Politics now.
    Thank you for your prompt reply still. :)


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    No it means "angry" in this context, and I thought indignant would fit,
    the people giving the homage being angry and moved that the people died.
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