un modelo de una famosa casa francesa

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    hola amigos,
    Otra pregunta-

    La novia llevaba un modelo de una famosa casa francesa, estaba radiante, el novio estaba de frac.

    The bride was wearing a gown from a famous French house, she was radiant;, the groom was wearing a tuxedo.

    Está correcto decir a gown from a famous French house? suena raro. Y frac se puede traducir como tuxedo o simplemente suit?

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    You could say the bride was wearing a dress from a famous French house.

    The word "frac" is the Spanish form of "frock". A frock coat is formal daytime wear, while a tuxedo is evening attire. Frac may include a frock coat, a tailcoat, or a cutaway, usually worn with grey striped trousers; the English term is "morning clothes":

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