un país democrático, plural

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  1. chepe jones Senior Member

    Busco traducir la palabra plural en este contexto:

    "...un país democrático, plural, respetuoso de los derechos humanos"

    Mis ideas hasta ahora son plural, inclusive, y diverse.

    Por ejemplo:
    "...a democratic and inclusive country that respects human rights"
  2. LoveFifteen

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    Though you wouldn't be 'wrong' to say plural, it's not the most common definition of the word. If you're translating this for an American audience, then you can go wrong using the much-loved word diverse. ;)

    A diverse, democratic country respectful of human rights
  3. chepe jones Senior Member

    I've noticed that it is common rhetoric in the US to refer to a "plural society."
    I have seen "plural country" but it is less frequent.
  4. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    "Pluralistic" strikes my ear pleasantly. So does "diverse."

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