un personaggio che ispira simpatia


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Please translate:

"oltre ad essere un grande rider, è un personaggio che ispira simpatia, tutti gli vogliono bene."

The exact translation for "personaggio" and "ispirare simpatia" in this case is not clear to me.. Thanks
  • maudebac

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    "personaggio" actualy means character (in a film , for instance) , but in this case the meaning is just "person", sort of "special person", you use this when you want to specifically picture that person as something special. (is that clear??? :-/ )


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    Vorrei mandare un messaggio ad un amico ciclista che visita il mondo sulla sua due ruote, per dirgli che lui e i suoi video ispirano simpatia e voglia di partire.
    Tu sei un personaggio che ispira simpatia e i tuoi video, anche quelli brevi, mi fanno venir voglia di partire e mollare tutto e tutti per sempre.
    You're a likeable person and your videos, even the short ones, make me feel like leaving everything and everyone forever.

    Può andare?


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    Hi Mac, your translation is grammatically correct but a few pointers:

    I’d add “very” - “You’re a very likeable person.” Otherwise it’s really faint praise - most people you come across are to some extent likeable.

    The end “make me feel like leaving everything and everyone forever” sounds really extreme. Like you are a slightly crazed fan of this person, which I am sure you are not :D I assume it is not quite so extreme-sounding in Italian. I would just say “make me feel like dropping everything and heading for the hills” which is more along the lines of what a fellow cycling enthusiast might want to do.
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