un personaggio morto nel 1050


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Hi everybody,

Struggling with a bit of archaeology here:

"Si tratta di un monumento funebre di un personaggio morto nel 1050 e il cui nome non è più leggibile"

My attempt:

"It is the funerary monument of a dignitary:confused: who died:confused: in 1050 and whose name is no longer readable."

As you can see, I'm quite perplexed...
Any help is really appreciated,
  • BluePoint

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    Italia, Italian
    This sounds great to me. Not sure what you are perplexed about.

    Well, must be that I don't usually use words like "dignitary" and wanted to check if it made sense in this context; plus, it's past midnight and I'm still working, I'm probably perplexed about my own name!
    Thanks, it's been kind of you,
    PS: Thanks Leo57, I like "legible"!


    Hello everyone!

    I'm struggling with this translation..
    "Pinco Pallino, nato il 5 luglio 98 e morto il 6 agosto 99"
    Is it correct if I translate:
    "Pinco Pallino, born on 5 July 98 and died on 6 August 99" or is it better to write "pinco pallino, born on 5 July 98, died on 6 August 99"?

    thanks a lot!!
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