Un peu de chance, de temps en temps


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a natural way to say this sentence in English. The context is that someone is experiencing a series of bad things and, suddenly, something good happens. So he says, in a sarcastic tone: 'Un peu de chance, de temps en temps, ça ne fait pas de mal...'

For reasons of coherence with the rest of the text I'm writing, I absolutely need to keep 'luck' in the sentence...

The person who's going to read what i'm writing is American :)

My try, even though it really doesn't sound natural, and I feel like it's too heavy for an American ear: '
'Well, a little bit of luck, occasionally, (...)''
Thanks in advance for your help ;)
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    :rolleyes: : "Some luck in the meanwhile would be welcome!"
    more sarcastic:
    "Well, actually my Lucky luke when he comes, he rode always the wrong(/bad) horse!"
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    a bit of luck once in a while can do no harm!
    I don't mind / I have nothing against / I can handle a bit of good luck once in a while


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    I agree with "I can handle a bit of good luck once in a while" I think it sounds the most natural and the sarcasm is there!
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