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I am currently having to write a commentary on an extract from Maupassant's short story, Au Printemps, for a university assignment, but in order to understand the extract, I need to have a good understanding of the whole story.
I'm having a problem with the last sentence of the story:
"La petite femme, restée sur le ponton, me regardait m'éloigner d'un air désappointé, tandis que mon persécuteur me soufflait dans l'oreille en se frottant les mains:
- Je vous ai rendu là un rude service, allez"

I think it would be translated as:
"The young woman, stood on the pontoon, watched me floating away from her, looking disappointed, whilst my persecutor/victimizer whispered in my ear while rubbing his hands together:
- ......."

Would anyone be able to help me with this please? It would probably be more helpful if you know the book :)

  • ClaireInTours

    Je viens de me rappeler l'expression "to do someone a solid", mais je crains que ce soit un argot trop récent pour coller avec une trad de Maupassant :rolleyes: