(Un) trouble rêve


"Trouble rêve" was the headline on a 2011 fashion spread in L'Officiel magazine. The spread featured photos that had a somewhat gauzy, blurry look.

Could the term it just be rendered as 'troubled, (or disordered) dream'? Trouble functioning as an adjective placed before the noun. Does it have a different connotation to 'un rêve trouble'?
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    Etant donné que "Trouble rêve" semble être calqué sur "Trouble fête", je propose "Spoil Dream" par référence à "Spoil Sport"


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    Hello macmag, and djara (glad to see that there is another north african here)

    "Trouble rêve" can refer to something that screws up (sorry for the term) your sleep , like those following phenomenons :

    nightmares , insomnia , night terror


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    After reading posts #2 and #3, I think the original is quite clever. Maybe 'Dream/Disorder' (written like that) would be more edgy than 'troubled dream', but it may also sound a bit silly.
    Given the pictures look, the term "soft" comes to mind (think David Hamilton's diffusion style here), so maybe "soft dreams" could fit in the context, also keeping in mind that "trouble" in french can have a sensual meaning...


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    If the photos were blurry, it may mean "a blurry (hazy) dream". And "trouble " would be the adjective whereas in "trouble fête" "trouble "is a verb.
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