un viaggio alla scoperta di un sentire comune

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by chiby48, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. chiby48 New Member

    Non so bene come tradurre la frase: "un viaggio alla scoperta di un sentire comune".
    "a journey of discovery of common feelings" va bene?
  2. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    We'd more likely say feelings in common I think. But the whole phrase sounds just a little pretentious in English. Could something like "Discovering feelings in common" or "Discovering a commonality" work here? If you really want to keep the word journey I'd say "A journey to discover/uncover feelings in common"
  3. chiby48 New Member

    It should be the title of a degree thesis: "Sicilia ed Andalucia: un viaggio alla scoperta di un comune sentire". I'm afraid that feeling could refer to people, not to a country or literary works. What do yoou think?
  4. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    The term "sentire comune" is awfully difficult to translate. It needs to be explained very clearly. And it's meaning is a bit slippery... I suggest a quick look at the existing thread on "sentire comune". In fact, it's probably a good idea to merge the 2 threads... Mods?
  5. kiwigirlinitaly New Member

    If it is being used to convey a commonality of purpose and a way to join together and move forward as one, you could try:

    "A voyage of discovery to unity"

    Just my two cents. I've heard this phrase in italian used to describe something like this before.
  6. chiby48 New Member

    "sentire comune" means similiar traditions, literature, habits, history... I'm not sure that unity would be fine. The two countries are not going to unify one each other.
    If someone else want to suggest any other possible transaltions, I will be thankful.
  7. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    "....a common sensibility"?
  8. puli_dog

    puli_dog Senior Member

    oppure 'a common background'?
  9. NewYorktoLA

    NewYorktoLA Senior Member

    New York
    English-the variety known as AE
    A suggestion, but I'm not sure it fits perfectly:
    "a shared sensibility"
    Keep in mind that "sensibility" has a differently meaning than

    "sentire comune" means similiar traditions, literature, habits, history...

    This sounds a lot like "shared culture," culture encompassing
    the habits, norms, customs, and history of a place/people.

    EDIT : - I see Gavin shares my thoughts....common/shared sensibility
  10. chiby48 New Member

    Thanks to all. You gave me good suggestions. I will think about them.

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