una continua regolazione delle istanze, delle emozioni

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  1. Lerisy Member

    Hello everybody,

    Could you please help me with this sentence? I am traslating a psychology essay.

    Dunque non si tratta di una lotta tra due istinti di vita ma di una regolazione delle istanze, delle emozioni e dell'aggressività.

    Therefore, it is not about a struggle between two life instincts but a continuous control? over instances, emotions and aggressiveness.

    thank you

  2. TrentinaNE

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    Does istanze have the second meaning shown here, of bisogna? That makes more sense to me in the context.

    Maybe you could give the sentence before this one as well, to better convey the setting.

    I can't find an Italian definition for regolazione on the internet. Can you give a synonym or explanation in Italian?

  3. Alessandrino Senior Member

    I might be wrong, but maybe adjustment rather than control works bettere here.
  4. rrose17

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    In the thread title there is the word "continua" which is absent in the body of the thread. I'm assuming it should be there.
    It's not so much a conflict of two basic instincts as it is being on top of circumstance, emotions and aggressivity on an on-going basis.
  5. Bookmom

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    I'm also thinking of "continua regolazione" as creating a balance, an equilibrium. Balancing competing influences, perhaps.
  6. rrose17

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    Canada, English
    I was also thinking of maintaining a balance but then had to follow with the word between. I wasn't sure about balancing between three different things.
  7. Bookmom

    Bookmom Senior Member

    Between for two among for three or more, as I've used it.
  8. Lerisy Member

    thank for your answers. Unfortunately I have already sent the translation so I am not able to use your suggestions. Anyway, I am glad you answered my thread.
  9. Lerisy Member

    Hi, Elisabetta,

    In this context, istanza refers to an adlerian concept. Istanze: the rules at the basis of the psychic life of an individual.

  10. jugee Member

    Hi, I have a question that possibly has to do with this last remark about Istanze being a concept of Alfred Alder.
    The sentence I am trying to translate is:

    "Come un soggetto privo di soggettività potesse criticamente costruire un soggetto dotato di istanze soggettive divenne un problema ciclico e non verificabile."

    My attempt is: The question of how a subject without subjectivity could critically construct a subject endowed with ISTANZE SOGGETTIVE became cyclic and un-provable.


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