una imagen que te representa/represente - indicativo/subjuntivo

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    I just downloaded msn in spanish, and everything is fine, except i dont understand why "represente" is used - why is there a need for subjunctive in the following sentance??

    "selecciona una imagen que te represente y que los demas veran en conversaciones con mensajes instantaneos""

    i know i've missed accents of, and i'm sorry lol
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    If you say "una imagen que te representa", you are declaring that there is one specific image that represents the person who uses MSN. But what if there isn't? To avoid declaring such thing, the subjunctive is used.

    The same pretty much applies to other relative clauses.
  3. Bilbo Baggins

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    Undefined antecedent....I suppose.
  4. Lasso-The-Moon! Member

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