una memoria (computer)

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    Hi, I'm not quite sure how to translate "memoria" in the context of technology...what do you think? I'm translating from Spanish to English. Thanks in advance for your help!

    “La primera sugerencia que hago es enviarnos tecnología, un flash, una memoria o ayudar a recargar los teléfonos de activistas, porque un solo tuit nos cuesta $1,15 centavos”, explicó la invitada.

    “My first suggestion is to send us technology, a flash drive, a memory stick, or helping to recharge activists’ phones, because a single “tweet” costs us $1.15,” she explained.
  2. lmgutie

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    Mexican Spanish
    "memory stick" is fine
  3. Hakuna Matata

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    Español - Argentina
    Maybe memory card, because memory stick is a specific kind of memory.

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