una piccola realtà

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    How would you translate this sentence in English?
    Una piccola realta' nell'antico borgo di....

    Please help,
    Thank you all in advance
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  3. rosecotton New Member

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your reply.
    The sentence has been taken from bed&breakfast brochure.
    There is no particular context. It starts with ' Una piccola realta' nell'antico Borgo di......
    and then it says 4 bedrooms, a lovely dining room and a garden plus some facilites.

    My attempt:
    A little reality of an old village, or of 'name' village, but I am nor really convinced...

    Any ideas?
    Many thanks

    Sorry the sentence actually finishes with the name of the village. So Una piccola realta' nell'antico Borgo di 'nome borgo'. This is the whole sentence. It is out of context really.
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    Here "realtà" doesn't mean "reality"; it's a difficult word to translate, but can mean situation, area, location. See which is appropriate.

    Also have a look in the WordReference Dictionary for a translation of "realtà".

    About the thread title: if anyone else wants to know how to translate "una piccola realtà", they will not find it in this thread, because you have called it "Please help with translation"! Please read the forum rules about thread titles.
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    Hi thanks for your help! I am new to this forum, so I do apologise for anything I have done wrong. I haven't had the opportunity to read the rules yet but I will definitely do so when I get a chance.

    Forgot to add, I have naturally checked 2 or more dictionaries but they all tell me reality:(

    What do you think about an old village dream? Maybe it is not the best word but it is impossible to translate literally.
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    Unfortunately this use of "realtà" is fairly new, so the dictionaries tell you just "reality". I don't think you can say "dream"; what about "corner"?

    By the way, if you want to add something to your post before someone else has replied, you can use the "Edit" button instead of writing new posts.
  7. rosecotton New Member

    Corner is a good idea, I like it. Thank you
    Thanks for your tips!

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