una regola va rispettata vs. viene rispettata

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Katejo, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Katejo Senior Member

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    I'm writing a piece of Italian homework which includes discussion of the importance of grammar when learning a language. I'm not sure of the difference between

    Una regola va rispettata and una regola viene rispettata


  2. MünchnerFax

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    Va rispettata = must be respected, has to be respected, is supposed to be respected
    Andare + verb = to have to + verb (a duty).

    Viene rispettata = is respected.
    Venire + verb = the passive conjugation. :) See here: Passive voice with essere or venire?
  3. brian

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    In general, viene/vengono + past participle means "gets" or "is," and va/vanno + past participle means "should be/must be." So:

    questa regola va rispettata -- this rule must be followed.
    questa regola viene rispettata -- this rule gets/is followed.

    Edit: yikes! crossing. :)
  4. Katejo Senior Member

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    Thanks very much! I had understood correctly after all.


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