Una señorita muy aseñorada...

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  1. dishes4you Member

    United States, English
    Hello everyone,

    Would someone please translate this riddle?

    Una señorita
    muy aseñorada
    con muchos remiendos
    y ninguna puntada

    You are supposed to guess whether it is a ball, the wind, or a chicken. . . .

    Thanks everyone, Dishes
  2. dcgb7f21 Member

    USA, Missouri
    USA - English & Español (Mex)
    A young lady
    very ???
    with many patches
    and no stiches

    I've never seen aseñorada before.
  3. hsam

    hsam Senior Member

    Nr. London
    British English
    I've looked in my huge dictionary and WR and there's no such word. Maybe it's a word someone made up.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Flaco06 Senior Member

    Could the meaning behind "aseñorada" maybe be "ladylike?"
  5. Camui Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    aseñorada es una palabra "inventada": supongo que, parece o se vuelve como una señora.

    Pero esa palabra esta ahí para darle un toque simpático, no significa nada.

  6. Lucy 2 Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    UK, English
    Mi diccionario pone:
    aseñorado - lordly; dressed like a gentlemen, behaving like a gentleman

    Para la versión femenina, creo que "ladylike" sería muy apropiado.

  7. snipfer

    snipfer Member

    Spain Spanish
    by the way, this is supposed to be a riddle which really goes:
    Una señorita,
    Muy aseñorada,
    Siempre va en coche (In your mouth)
    Y siempre va mojada (your saliva, yikes!)
    the answer is the tongue
  8. Lucy 2 Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    UK, English
    Vaya! Nunca he pensado en la lengua en estos términos!
  9. CLP New Member

    Spain, Spanish
    There is another version:
    Una señorita
    muy enseñorada

    Enseñorada means en-señorada, a person who shows off. Its a compound of en (preposition) and señora (lady) and its schema is the same of en-terrar (in-soil, bury) en-cubrir (in-cover, conceal) and many many others.

    The same works with a-señorada, but with partially different meaning
  10. Alundra

    Alundra Senior Member

    Nueva York de la Mancha
    España - Castellano
    There are two different riddles:

    This one, what I always have heard:
    Una señorita muy señoreada (I guess señoreada = aseñorada)
    siempre va en coche, y siempre va mojada.

    Señorear: Dominar o mandar en una cosa como su dueño.

    Aseñorada: Dignified.
    And the answer is the tongue, as snipfer said.

    And another one I never heard it)
    Una señorita muy señoreada,
    con muchos remiendos
    y ninguna puntada.

    A young lady, very dignified
    with many mends
    and without stitches

    And the answer is.... the hen :confused: Incredible... I don't get it...


  11. Flaco06 Senior Member

    Eso es lo que dicho. Gracias por asegurandome de lo que yo pensaba fue correcto.
  12. dishes4you Member

    United States, English
    Thanks so much everyone for the replies. . .
    This riddle happens to be out of a 1st grade workbook.
    It is interesting to hear the version that seems to be more popular.

    Regards, Dishes

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