Unalloyed by craft

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Hi. I have encountered the following passage in a book I was reading. Can anyone explain what it means to be "unalloyed by craft"? The passage is about the strategy of an airline and what it should have been following the deregulation in the late 1970s.

Despite deregulation, the CEO's animated speeches on how the company had a new competitive spirit, and an aggressive posture of assumed by the senior management group, the company's planning, pricing, and marketing routines were unchanged from the era regulation. The new competitive spirit was pure aggressiveness, unalloyed by craft. (Richard Rumelt "Good strategy/ bad strategy")​

Thank you.
  • owlman5

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    This is figurative language that means people were too aggressive and not skillful enough in their efforts to compete. If aggression is "unalloyed by craft", aggression is not mixed with skill.
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