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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by Silver Sapphire, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Silver Sapphire Senior Member

    Quito, Ecuador
    Spanish - Ecuador (Castellano)
    Is there a way to search for threads with 0 replies? If so, I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. EStjarn

    EStjarn Senior Member

    Yes, there is a way.

    On a forum's main page, on top of the uppermost thread, there are five parameters by which you can sort the threads: Title, Thread Starter, Replies, Views, and Last Post By.

    Click 'Replies'. (You may have to click twice to get '0 replies' on top.)
  3. Silver Sapphire Senior Member

    Quito, Ecuador
    Spanish - Ecuador (Castellano)
    I didn't realize. Haha. Thanks! : )
  4. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Yes, and since there are some very old threads with zero replies, you may also find it useful to scroll to the "Thread Display Options" section near the bottom of the main page of the forum and select a restricted time period such as "last week" or "last 2 days" in the "Show threads from the..." pull-down menu.

    This is a good way to find recent threads with no answers. If you're able to help out with any of those questions, it will be much appreciated! :)

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