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Hi you guys!

In the following sentence, unassertive means the same as submissive?

Submissive wives are seldom successful in the business world.

I have to find a word that is closest in meaning to the word submissive.



I would say unassertive... any thoughts on this???

Thanks in advance.
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    Once again:

    We do not check homework in these forums.

    Please tell us why you think this is the right answer and why you think the others are the wrong answers. Please tell us what question remains in your mind after consulting the dictionary.


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    I feel used. :mad:
    Try checking the dictionary definition of each word, and applying it to the situation that the sentence presents. You should be able to logically deduce the correct answer from these. That'd be my advice. With this sentence, for example, think about the qualities that are generally thought of to be important in the business world, and then compare those qualities to the list of words you have to choose from. Some of them are obviously farfetched.


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    Oh so sorry Aidariley and Nunty... don't feel used... you still have the chance to not answer and leave me with the doubt ;) I'm pretty sure unassertive is the one... but when I start giving it a lot of thought, I get all mixed up... I checked all the words before and I wanted to verify if the one I thought was it... of course substitute and overworked could not be right, but then a friend told me INDIFFERENT looked like the best option and I wanted to verify my choice... I thought I could use the forum to do that, but sorry again if I misunderstood... won't bother anymore... :(

    Thanks for all you help, guys.


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    Your friend's suggestion makes sense, in that indifferent people are generally not successful in the workplace. However, what your friend recommends is not an accurate substitution. I agree with your choice of "unassertive."

    Also, you don't need to use three periods to end your sentences. Just one will do.
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