unattainable, the impossible line


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Does "unattainable, the impossible line" refer to "the unattainable, impossible line"?

If so, is putting unattainable alone there to emphasize or intensify the emotion?

The city is squeezed between very dramatic old mountains covered with exotic Atlantic tropical forest (well, the surviving patches of it) and the ocean. Growing up at Copacabana beach allowed me to look at the horizon every day, a privilege. The horizon always intrigued me as a child, unattainable, the impossible line where ocean and sky meet, both a representation of the curvature of our planet and of infinity.


-Scientific American

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    Thank you.

    Isn't the impossible line where ocean and sky meet exactly the horizon*?

    *Collins offers the definition: The horizon is the line in the far distance where the sky seems to meet the land or the sea.
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