Und gleich so viele davon

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    I'm translating a very short commercial text about correspondence envelops and I found this expression in the following context:

    TransparenteBriefumschläge / Verführerische Einblicke. Und gleich so vieledavon.

    I think it's an idiom, because searching on google I found it only in forums and blogs, often with an exclamation mark; can anyone tell me the exact meaning of it?

    Thank you so much for your help!!
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    Hello didale :)

    Welcome to the German forum!

    "Und gleich so viele davon!" means something like: "And there are so many of them!" It contains an element of surprise and praise. I find it difficult to fully translate, but I hope my explanation helps you.
  3. Demiurg

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    I guess they are selling the envelopes in larger quantities (packs). Thus, if you buy such a pack you get many of them. :)

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