1. veroeche Member

    Spanish (LatAm)
    What's the meaning and/or Spanish translation of this expression?

    It's a telephone conversation between Mexican people (speaking English) who live in the USA:

    A: Undelay

    B: What's up primo?

    In another telephone conversation:

    A: Yo undelay.

    B: Primo.

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  2. Oldy Nuts

    Oldy Nuts Senior Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Spanish - Chile
    I have the imptression that they are realy speaking in Spanglish, as I cannot find the word undelay in any of my dictionaties. Could it possibly be "ándele" or another similar Mexican exclamation?
  3. grahamcracker Senior Member

    That was my thought too. I looked up Mexican greetings on google but I couldn't find any that said, "andale". It seems to me that "anda" and "ándale" is used to mean "proceed" but I really don't have any experience with it, only things I have read. And I don't know. Next chance I get I will try to remember to ask some of my Mexican friends.
  4. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    For some reason, people in the US think that we Mexicans use ándale only to mean hurry up. Ándale is sort of like saying ok, alright, I agree, etc., sometimes. And some times, as in this case, it's used as a greeting. In this case, the undelay, certainly is ándale, but not meaning hurry up, but used as a greeting. This is particularly true in the NW, where I'm from. Órale, is used in a similar way.
  5. ptak30

    ptak30 Senior Member

    Perhaps it's a private sort of joke. They might both be fans of Speedy Gonzales. I seem to remember "Andale, andale" as one of his few Spanish-type expressions. But it was a long time ago!
  6. veroeche Member

    Spanish (LatAm)
    Thanks to all the ones who posted an answer! My client confirmed it was fine to interpret it as "ándale" or "órale".

    Your answers helped, indeed!

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