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Hello all,
can anyone please tell me the meaning of “undending” in the following context?

We are talking about a man who is deeply terrified by something.
The exact phrase is:
“he was consumed by a terrible fear and horror and he felt in the very fibres of his being, a loud, _undending_ scream, welling up and piercing the whole of nature “.

I thought it could be a misprint for “unending”, but since I found “undending” even on the internet I feel a bit mixed-up…

Thanks in advance for any clarification!
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    Despite the the total estimate (in the thousands) on the Google front page, there are in fact only about 750 hits, many of them duplicates.

    I'm pretty sure it is a misprint. The OED doesn't know the word, and I've never heard it.

    Even people cited on Google have been known to make mistakes :).
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