under an auditing waiver

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sisse nar

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Hi, everyone.
This is from "Bloodman" by Robert Pobi.

I don't get what "under an auditing waiver" mean?
Does it mean that he sat in on classes not allowing auditing?"

He read academic papers, sat in on classes at George Washington University under an auditing waiver, and had picked the brains of hundreds of psychiatrists and psychologists over the years.
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    Under = by virtue of; within the conditions of; allowed by, etc.
    Auditing is from the verb to audit in its archaic/Latin meaning of "to listen/hear".

    Normally, only students who have paid to attend classes may attend (i.e. listen to) those classes, however it is possible for some people to obtain a waiver (i.e. an exemption) from this requirement.

    So an auditing waiver is an exemption from the rule that only paying students may listen to lectures.
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