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    I am trying to translate a sentence in a short document describing a contract. The sentence I am struggling with is:
    "This memo describes our work under contract number 65 with the Ministry of Health during the month of June 2007."

    Mi intento:
    Este memo describe nuestro trabajo del contrato número 65 con el Ministerio de la Salud durante el mes de junio de 2007.

    Is my translation okay?

  2. Jay Lang

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    In this case, you can translate literally "under" por "bajo"
    Your translation is quite good, but may be it would sound a little better in spanish the next on:
    "Este documento/Esta memoria describe nuestros trabajos bajo el contrato número 65..."
    And I don´t know the kind of the work, but if it's possible change work by service, in spanish it would sound better "nuestros servicios".


  3. Zviko Member

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    I love it! Thank you! You have been very helpful.
  4. duvija

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    bajo contrato ...

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