under false presence

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In due process of time two children were born of these marriages. They were born on the same day and in the same hour, and they were only different in this, that one of them was a boy and the other one was a girl. (...) The Philosopher who had the boy was very pleased because, he said, there were too many women in the world, and the Philosopher who had the girl was very pleased also because, he said, you cannot have too much of a good thing: the Grey Woman and the Thin Woman, however, were not in the least softened by maternity-they said that they had not bargained for it, that the children were gotten under false presences, that they were respectable married women, and that, as a protest against their wrongs, they would not cook any more food for the Philosophers.

It's from <THE CROCK OF GOLD> by James Stephens. It's almost the beginning part of the fiction and I don't understand what does 'under false presence' mean here. Does this meant that grey woman and thin woman were pregnant under the dissatisfied situation?

You can see the whole fiction here.
The Crock of Gold, by James Stephens
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