under Roe and Casey vs. according to Roe and Casey


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"SHAPIRO: You've looked at the last 20 years and found more than 60 examples of people being prosecuted for self-managed abortions. That was under Roe and Casey. What do you expect the next 20 years to look like just in terms of numbers?"

Context: A legal support organization looked at the last 20 years of records showing how many have been criminally charged against their abortions even in states without a statue banning abortion.

Question: Is the "under" in bold interchangeable with "according to"?

Source: New report tracks criminal prosecutions of self-managed abortions
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    Under refers to the fact that the country was operating under the authority of those court decisions at that time (they weren't really laws).

    A restaurant might put up a sign when a new owner buys it saying "Under new management". That means they are operating with a different set of rules and decisions than were used by the previous owners. Under gives you the sense that the managers are at a higher level and making decisions for things that happen "below" their level - what is on the menu, what the prices are, how employees are trained and act, etc.

    So the legal procedures at that time in the country were being guided by the higher authority of the court's rulings from the Roe and Casey cases.