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Hi everyone.
I hope this thread is not out of the scope of WR.
I'm having some trouble understanding how it is possible to cook something under the grill. So far I've only seen pictures of food being cooked on it, unless we're talking about different types of grill. For example, would you call grill that part of some microwaves that have some resistors? Or maybe those kind of ovens used in bars/restaurants etc to heat pizza? Those are the only objects I associate with a "grill" where you can cook/heat/ etc something under the grill.
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    There is a difference in meaning for the word grill between AmE and BrE. In the US it is something you cook on, in the UK it is something that you cook under (the heating element or flame is above the food). When the English grill something, the Americans would call it broiling.


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    Have a look at this of bacon being cooked under a grill. The normal arrangement is either to have the upper heating element of the oven turned on and the food put on a tray directly under it, or to have a special grill heating element above the hob.
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