under the pretext of

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Situation...Engineer has been directed to implement the work in front of Anglican Church .But he implemented before Ctholic Church . Later he submitted the bill hiding these factd.
I would like to seek an explanation from him
Can I write a letter in the following way
" You are directed to tender an explanation on why the bill has been submitted under the pretext of ,the work has been done in front of Anglican Church.
I would also like to know that the usage of the phrae ' under the pretext of ' is correct here.
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    Hi, powerhousebridge. The phrase will look normal if you replace "of" with "that" in the sentence: ...has been submitted under the pretext that the work was done in front of the Anglican church.:thumbsup:


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    In which situation is the phrase 'on the pretext of' used?
    When someone has done something while falsely pretending that the action or its circumstances were different from the reality.

    For this case, it would mean that the person knew he had done the work in front of the wrong church and was deliberately pretending otherwise.

    If that is not your meaning, then 'under the pretext of' is not correct.
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