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  1. Tess Durbeyfield Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to write a letter to the editor and what I would like to say is something like the expression in Spanish "bajo el título...", but I don't know whether it is:

    "under the title "whatever"/ under the title of "whatever"... or even if it does exist a similar expression in English... :confused:

    Can anyone help me out please? thank you very much in advance!! :D
  2. Jerzon

    Jerzon Senior Member

  3. Tess Durbeyfield Member

    I am writing to you about the article which appeared in your website on December the 4th under the title “The best gift to give a kid for Christmas""

    That's my attempt =/
  4. Jerzon

    Jerzon Senior Member

    Entonces creo que la opción sugerida "titled" suena bien.
  5. srb62 Senior Member

    British English
    I think there are several possibilities:
    'under the title of'
    or even nothing and simply the name of the article.

    'entitled' sounds a little formal, and there are some people who feel it shouldn't be used to describe the name of an article/document.
  6. Tess Durbeyfield Member

    Yes, I think "entitled" is the best option ^^ Thank you all!

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