Understanding is the shortest distance between two people


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It is really very very beautifull (quates) proverb.......I think.....But i don't know full meanning of the above mentioned proverb Please give me explanation of above said sentance Thank you Goodbye !
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    Could you please give us the source of this, tell us where you found it. Having this information helps us to give you the best possible answer.

    I am not familiar with this saying and I don't know what it means. There are a lot of phrases of this sort being written these days. They do sound very good and meaningful but I often struggle to make sense of them. It can be even more of a struggle to explain what they might mean!:D So I'll be interested to see what the others think.


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    It's not a set expression I've heard, but I agree with you that it's a nice sentiment,and I would interpret this as "if you understand someone it brings you closer to them".:)


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    Welcome to the forum, K. Natharavali. :)

    Is there a word or structure in the sentence that is difficult for you, or just the "fuzzy" logic?
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