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    Please, what do you call an understatement in Modern Greek?

    An understatement is the opposite of an exaggeration. An example: “It was a little bit naughty of Johnny to put a rat in his friend’s satchel.”

    Of course, it wasn't just a little bit naughty, it was extremely naughty!

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    Hi seitt,

    The term "understatement" is one whose translation has troubled me (and still does) from time to time, mainly due to the fact that depending on context there are various corresponding Greek terms that could be used but also, more times than not it needs to be translated periphrastically and customised according to the situation.

    In the example you provide, if we wanted to describe the term "a bit naughty" as an understatement, perhaps we could use an expression such as "το bit naughty είναι λίγο" or "είναι επιεικής/ιδιαίτερα επιεικής/επιεικής χαρακτηρισμός".

    The translation of the term is also discussed at considerable length over at Lexilogia and also at Translatum. Provided you have a sufficient grasp of Greek it may be worthwhile taking a look. (That's assuming you haven't already done so. :d)
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    Many thanks, excellent.

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