undisputed and undisputable/indisputable

Discussion in 'English Only' started by lhnjcwx, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. lhnjcwx Member

    Hi, everyone

    What's the difference between undisputed and undisputable/indisputable?

  2. sdgraham

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    For starters, what does the dictionary say?
  3. lhnjcwx Member

    In my understanding,
    1. they are same for adj, and same as "undoubted"
    2. The spell of "Indisputable" is more common than "undisputable"

    The above are my understanding, but need your confirmation...
  4. lhnjcwx Member

    any idea? Thanks!
  5. Enquiring Mind

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    Well if it's in a reputable dictionary, it's right!
    There is, in theory, a difference between "indisputable" and "undisputed".

    Indisputable: you cannot (you are not able to) dispute it. (No-one can reasonably argue against it)
    Undisputed: no-one has disputed it. (No-one has put up any serious rational argument against it)

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