Undistinguishable or Indistinguishable?


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Hi everyone I have a question to ask: Which is correct,Undistinguishable or Indistinguishable? Though the latter seems to be more common, I have searched in the dictionary for the former and it appears to be a valid word. Is it Undistinguishable incorrect? Is it a commonly misspelled word?Thanks in advance :)
  • entangledbank

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    'Indistinguishable' is much more common, and you should use that. Most people won't know 'undistinguishable' and it will look like a mistake to them, even if in fact it is occasionally used and has therefore got into dictionaries. It often happens that both 'in-' and 'un-' words exist at the same time. Sometimes both are common, but often one is much more common and the other one is rare.
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