undo (clothes) or undress before breastfeeding a baby?

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When a mommy is getting ready to breastfeed her baby, does she "undo her clothes" or "undress (herself)"? Which one sounds more natural?

Thank you.
  • Andygc

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    It depends on what she was wearing - for example, she might unbutton her blouse, or pull up her top. She would not undress.

    A few seconds behind and agreeing with teddy.


    She normally unbuttons or unzips or undoes her top. "Undoing clothes" and "undressing" imply taking all clothes off.


    Hermione Golightly

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    You can use 'undo' too. "She undid her blouse and bra". I don't use 'undo' to mean talking off all the clothes. To me it means 'unfasten'.
    Often, women simply lift up the side of their top so less is exposed.


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    When we had to worry about such things my wife had nursing tops with openings in the appropriate places, so all she had to do was reach in and undo her bra.
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