undo my sad ['sad' object of 'undo'?]

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Undo my sad
Undo what hurt so bad
Undo my pain
Gonna get out, through the rain
I know that I am over you
At last I know what I should do

(Quoted from the lyrics of Undo sung by Sanna Nielsen)

Is the word "sad" in the song an adjective? If so, how can it be the object of "undo"?

Many thanks!
  • waltern

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    English - USA
    Song lyrics do not necessarily conform to the rules of English grammar (the songwriter's priority here seems to be the sad/bad rhyme, followed by pain/rain, you/do...) - the overall meaning is something like "(I need to) move beyond my sadness".


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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    In this context, sad is used as a noun.
    As waltern said, lyrics do not always follow grammatical rules.
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