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I'm having a few difficulties with this sentence:
Créé en 1954, le Concours International de Chant de Toulouse est aujourd’hui l’un des rares à être organisé par une grande scène lyrique.

So far, i have:

Toulouse’s International Singing Competition, which began in 1954, is nowadays one of very few competitions to be organised by the prestigious operatic scene.

Sounds a bit dodgy to me. Any ideas?
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    Just to clarify: the grande scène lyrique referred to is the Théâtre du Capitole, which organises the event. i.e a specific place. So "scene" sounds too specific to me in English.


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    Well, I've just looked up "la scène" in the WR dictionary, where it says that it can mean "stage" (as in raised wooden platform for performing on) as well as "Stage" (as in "When he leaves Drama School, he'd like to go on the Stage").

    Could it be then that "grande scène lyrique" means "a big operatic company"?

    Le savez vous, les francophones? Est-ce qu'on pourrait traduire "grande scéne lyrique" comme une société de l'opéra?
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