une histoire de délai

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    I have this sentence below and I'm slightly confused. The context is that a guy is trying to get an interviewer to sign off his paper so he can go reclaim his benefits (Assedic) and the interviewer has said no I can't do it straight away, and this is the interviewee's response to why he needs it straight away... i believe he's saying that it takes a while to get it processed and he's already late (handing it in). Is that on the right lines?

    Ouais, c’est emmerdant, ça. Parce qu’il y a une histoire de délai et comme je suis pas mal en retard.

  2. Proto17 Senior Member

    You are right.
    My try: "Yes this is annoying. Because it will need some time and i'm already late"
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    Obviousbly he has to pay something for a due date, before some time limit. That's why he says "il y a une histoire de délai" --> "i am subject to a certain time limit"

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