une lutte de revendication

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    I am trying to translate a sentence from a French newspaper published in Rhode Island, USA, in the 1920s. The author is summarizing a speech he heard in which the speaker described a legal battle being waged in the courts at the time. The legal battle concerned how a church diocese (run by Irish-American bishops) was choosing to spend money collected from its parishes. I can't understand exactly what "revendication" means in this context . . . something like "legal rights" or "legal claims"?

    "Il ne fait aucunement une lutte à la race irlandaise à cette heure, il ne fait pas non plus une lutte à l'épiscopat, c'est une lutte de revendication, explique-t-il dans laquelle les questions de race n'ont rien à voir."

    Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît!
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    french France
    a protest movement

    It could be referring to the "Sentinelle affair" in Rhode Island. In particular :
    "...Franco-American leaders opposed this project for many reasons, especially because they felt it was unfair for French speaking parishes to be forced to subsidize the building of English speaking schools."
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    Merci! And yes, the speech is by Elphège Daignault, leader of the Sentinellists in Rhode Island.

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