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Hi again,

I am writing a marketing plan and I would like to target the unemployed population.

I know that someone who is unemployed is "un chômeur", but I'm concerned that it's a little bit politically incorrect.

The word reminds me of the English word "bum"...and I really don't want to use it in a professional document.

Is there another way of saying "unemployed"?

Thank you in advance.
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    Hey Gab.
    I think chômeur isn't as dramatic as bump, and therefore is politically correct (un chat est un chat), like being "au chômage".

    Yet if you feel unsecure, you may still use the "actifs sans travail/emploi/activité", "les actifs" being the people working or looking for a job. (cf "population active").



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    Unemployed = sans emploi => the unemployed population = les sans-emploi, but you can use chomeurs/la population en recherche d'emploi/les chercheurs d'emploi as well (but not "inactifs", a different notion).


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    Dans un contexte canadien - ce qui me semble être le cas - ;) je dirais les sans-emploi.

    Je traduirais demandeurs/chercheurs d'emploi par job seekers. Orà mon avis, les sans-emploi n'en cherchent pas toujours un.
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