unfamiliar structure with "for"

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What exactly does the following sentence mean? And what role the use of "for" plays?
"We must act swift, for his words have been heard across the realm".
I often read in articles/books in English but have rarely come across this structure and I'm confused about its exact meaning. I also notice the structure is usually used in bombastic tone or as a part of pompous rhetoric.
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    For is rarely used this way in modern English, so when it is used (typically in pseudo-historical dialogue in books, movies, games, etc.) it’s likely to sound odd. But it would not normally give the impression that the speaker is being bombastic or pompous. It’s simply an old-fashioned way of saying because.


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    Agreed that it means "because", but it could be used in some (usually written) contexts (articles in the 'serious' press, for example).

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