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The teacher said he had finished (a) checking and correcting the test papers but he had not yet (b) given/assigned the marks.

a) means go through the paper and give check marks to the correct answers, and circle the incorrect ones.
b) count all the correct answers to get the total scores.

Is using the words in bold idiomatic?
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    The bold stuff is idiomatic, but your point b) is odd. A ''mark" to me is, for example, an A or B. So there is 1) correcting, 2) totaling (for each), 3) assigning each a mark (perhaps based on the pattern in varying totals for each person in the whole class).

    You (b) matches my 2), but it should match, and usually means 3).


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    ... b) count all the correct answers to get the total scores...
    That simple, almost mechanical method only works for examinations in which all answers are objectively right or wrong and in which all questions count the same. In my experience, at least at the university level, that is a small fraction of all examinations. In every other situation the process of going from looking at the individual answers to assigning an overall grade is much more complex than that. It can take a great deal of time to assign grades after the papers have all been checked and corrected.
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