1. ovi Member

    hola, ¿alguien podría decirme cual es la traduccion de "union libre" referente al estado civil de una persona?

    gracias, saludos!!!
  2. fannyta New Member

    Si "unión libre" en México es lo mismo que "concubinato" o lo que en Venezuela llamaríamos "unión estable de hecho", entonces en Canadá y creo que en EEUU también se traduce como "common-law union".

    Espero te ayude,
  3. ovi Member

    si, gracias, tambien encontré cohabitation, pero no sé cuál de las dos se use en E.U.

    cohabitation : living together in the same residence, generally either as husband and wife or for an extended period of time as if the parties were married. Cohabitation implies that the parties are having sexual intercourse while living together, but the definition would not apply to a casual sexual encounter.
  4. Naat Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish - Argentina
    En Argentina, hablamos de concubinato para referirnos a la unión de hecho de dos personas que conviven en el mismo domicilio.

    Sin embargo, en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, se puede declarar la unión civil de las parejas (hetero y homosexuales), lo cual otorga derechos que no tienen los concubinos.

    No sé si ese vínculo se llama unión libre en algún país.
  5. EL SABIO Senior Member

    English Trinidad & Tobago
    Yes I know this term and it is used here too.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    In the US, at least, cohabitation just means living together, without specification of a time frame. Commonlaw marriages are legal marriages without a license or ceremony; the man and woman present themselves as married and do the sorts of things married people do -- share a last name, file tax returns together, etc. Commonlaw spouses are entitled to all the legal benefits of being married; people who just cohabit are not. Not all US states allow commonlaw marriages -- actually, just a few.

    Same-sex partners can cohabit, but not enter a commonlaw marriage here. They can, however, form a "domestic partnership", which gives some of the benefits of marriage (sharing health insurance, for one thing).
  7. koolkev New Member

    Any legal discussion which may affect a persons rights should be very specific. If the marital/civil situation is in question the specific rights and obligations of the place where the relation was created and how those rights and obligations translate where the translation is to be used.

    In the US each state has different laws so if the document is to be used in state court that could translate differently than in federal court. There are US states with common law marriage and other states recognize those marriages. Federal court may recognize marriage differently depending on the rules of civil procedure and federal law.

    I looked at this thread for a more precise meaning of a Honduran "union libre" for an Immigration issue.

    When I talk to the individual about union libre in Honduras there were some factors that lead me to believe that union libre could equate marriage. The person went to the Honduran consulate and signed papers(I don't know what papers specifically) which distinguished between marriage and "union libre" and single and it seemed to carry legal weight that there was a union libre. The parties to the union libre have a child and lived together for a long period of time. Also they could call each other marido/a. That would favor marriage as a legal translation. However as I understand it in Honduras there is no registration or necessity to formally divorce in a union libre.

    If the translation is for immigration get very specific.

    Could someone from Honduras comment?
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