"unia-se à mobilização em torno dos jogos"

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    Qual e o significado desta frase com respeito ao futebol (o contexto e uma menina que nao gosta do futebol)? Nao a entendia, mas poderia ser algo como "she went along with the hype/ crowd mentality in matches".


    [h=1]unia-se à mobilização em torno dos jogos"[/h]
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    It depends on the matches... or her peers' team. Suppose Brasil was about to play with Argentina and the ''gang'' arranged a barbecue or a gathering at a bar, so everybody watched the game together, so she would join the guys for fun!
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    It is common in Brazil. Women (mostly) who do not like, nor care, nor know anything about football, when world cup fever sweeps the nation, they put on their yellow shirts, go the match parties, go out to celebrate when we win... They "go along with the hoopla surrounding the matches", os something like it.
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    Thanks very much for your help mglenadel and Vanda!

    clothesline, I am certainly not - I have asked three questions about areas of semantic difficulty, of which I think anyone who was not Brazilian would fail to gage as they are all slang. I feel this is what a professional translator would have done, as there would be no way for they to guess the meaning and I have put all suggestions I have received on wordreference into my own words. I have spent a lot of time aand effort translation O Sucesso and am certainly not relying on other people to do my translation for me!
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