k linda

Hey, I'm trying to traslate the following:

"Respaldamos la propuesta de que la distribución del canon se realice de manera independiente, es decir, de acuerdo a las ganancias que genere cada unidad operativa de Southern (Toquepala, Cuajone e Ilo) en función al resultado del proceso productivo del cobre."

I have:
We support the proposition that the canon's distribution be determined independently, that's to say, according to the profits generated by each of Southern’s operations, (the Toquepala and Cuajone mines and the Ilo smelter) as a function of the amount of copper produced as a final product.

Do you think that "unidad operativa" can just be shortened to "operations" with the specification that Toquepala and Caujone are mines and Ilo is a smelter?

Also any other corrections are welcome.
  • I mean, that would be the obvious choice, but I don't think that that's how it's used in English. I think the spanish one is referring to mines and refineries as unidades operativas, whereas in English it usually refers to a group of people-like an operational unit of the military or the task-force or something. If I'm misinterpreting the Spanish let me know.